“I want to foster a strong women’s cricket culture in Zimbabwe”.

Column - The Third Man Sport Zimbabwe

Brighton Zhawi           

Zimbabwe Cricket Senior women’s team captain Mary-Anne Musonda is one of the 40 women selected for the ICC 100% Cricket Future Leaders Programme  and she took time to share her grand plans in an interview with BRIGHTON ZHAWI.

Below are excerpts of the interview.

Q. Zimbabwe Cricket women’s captain and one of ICC’s Future Leaders Programme members. What’s your secret?

A. Thank you, I just try to take care of a few, but crucial disciplines such as getting priorities right, committing to clear plans, being patient, remaining calm and positive, being okay with failing, and most importantly being happy.

Q.You are on record saying this ICC selection means a lot. What do you hope to achieve from this experience?

A. I hope to unlock the potential and abilities within. Such programs are an information hub. Key to this would be to use this information to improve the game. I think cricket can become popular amongst women and girls in Zimbabwe. Fostering a good cricket culture is something I hope to be a part of, on the back drop of this program.

Q.Does this also give you ideas or plans on life after cricket?

A.It sheds a bit of light on other aspects of the game which one can be involved in, beside playing. So it does give me ideas of life after cricket.

Q.You missed the series against South Africa Women Emerging. How is your injury now?

A.I’m recovering well. It’s now eight weeks post surgery and I’m in rehabilitation. It’s a challenging  period but I have had to learn a lot about my injury and my body in general. I’m doing some work with the physio to get back to a decent fitness level. It’s psychologically taxing but all is well.

Q.You obviously followed that series. What did you pick about Zimbabwe’s performance?

A.I think the series was an eye opener for the whole team, as well as for individuals especially the senior guys. There are some areas we can improve on to compete against tougher opponents.

The three big areas are; building partnerships and scoring big, becoming fitter as well as consistently bowling to field sets, and plans. Being responsible as well. We have a couple of months before qualifiers in Botswana and in Sri Lanka. Hopefully we will be able to fix those areas thoroughly in good time.

Q.How do you think the team is shaping up with the World Cup Qualifiers in mind?

A.We have been hungry to play and compete consistently for a couple of seasons now. I think psychologically we’re ready to put in the hard yards during preparations. Our heads are in the right place, just a few tweaks need to be made in our game and how we do things.