January 21, 2020

2020 a defining year – Chamisa

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Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has described 2020 as a defining year for the Southern African country.

Speaking at meeting to unveil his party’s 2020 Agenda in Mbare, Harare today the MDC Alliance leader said: “This is a defining year for dealing with the challenges we face as a nation.

“We have to bury electric shortages, we have to bury corruption, we have to bury violence. All these bad things must be buried.”

Chamisa added that his party will seek to have its grievances heard through demonstrations.

“We intend to demonstrate but this will be done constitutionally. We have no problems with the police and the soldiers. Peace must be our high rock,” he said.

Turning to the economy Chamisa once again claimed that the MDC A has a way of making United States dollars abundantly available within 24 hours.

“We say no to local currency. Let’s go back to a basket of foreign currency. Let out teachers, our soldiers and policemen be paid in Unites States dollars.

“Some of you may I ask where we will get the money from but we did during the Inclusive Government. In 24 hours people will have hiccups because the money will be available,” he said.

In the run up to the 2018 presidential elections the MDC A leader claimed that US President Donald Trump had pledged to inject billions of dollars into the Zimbabwean economy in the event that the opposition party won the plebiscite.

However, the claims turned up to be untrue.

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