July 15, 2019

5 million Zimbabweans in need of food aid: Report

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More than five million people in rural Zimbabwe are reported to be requiring food aid.

According to the 2019 Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee

(ZimVac) report, there is need for Government and Development Partners

to increase their coverage, considering the deteriorating food and

nutrition security situation.

“Rural food insecurity in June 2019 was estimated at 21 percent and is

projected to reach 59 percent during the peak hunger period (January

to March 2020).”

The report added, “This food insecurity prevalence translates to about 5, 5 million rural people.”

Matabeleland North, Midlands and Masvingo are the most affected.

“Matabeleland North (68 percent), Masvingo (64 percent) and Midlands

(63 percent) provinces are projected to have the highest proportions

of food insecure households at peak hunger period,” reads part of the


The report says there is need for programmes to assist the affected communities.

 “There is need for urgent food distribution or cash based transfers

(to promote the local economy where feasible) to food insecure

households in order to avoid a worsening situation.”

Zimbabwe received below average rainfall in the 2018-2019 rainy season

as a result of the El Nino rainfall pattern, which also affected other

countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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