May 7, 2021

52 Illegal Tobacco Side Marketers Convicted

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Owen Kaura

More than 50 tobacco side marketers who have been illegally buying and selling the golden leaf, have been convicted and fined ZWL$30 000.

Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board Public Relations Officer Chelesani Moyo said: “TIMB has embarked on an exercise to name and shame illegal buyers and sellers of tobacco.

“To date 52 illegal buyers and sellers of tobacco have been convicted and have paid a level 5 fine.

“All registered growers who also commit this offence will have their registration cancelled according to Section 32 of the Tobacco Industry Marketing Act Chapter 18.20,” she added.

As at 5 May 2021, 64 422 199 kg of the golden leaf had been sold compared to 40 758 377 kg in 2020, a 58.06% increase.

Farmers have so far earned US$169 451,894 compared to US$91 791 410 in the previous season at an average price of US$2.63, a 16.9% increase.

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