October 8, 2020

79-Year-Old In Rape Scandal

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Patience Nhamburo

A 79-year-old man from Harare’s Highlands suburb allegedly raped his 31-year-old live-in girlfriend before forcing her to be intimate with his dogs. Urs Joseph Ettilin appeared at the Rotten Row Magistrates court this morning (Thursday) facing rape and aggravated indecent assault charges. 

The state, led by Lancelot Mutsokotsi, told the court that sometime in May this year Ettilin forced the complainant to be intimate with him without protection. It is alleged that after the act, he then went outside to call his dogs and forced the complainant to be intimate with them, threatening to leak her nude pictures if she declined.

In May this year, the complainant reportedly went for a night out and only returned the following morning, which did not go down well with the accused. He then allegedly forced the complainant to have unprotected sexual intercourse with him without her consent and later forced the complainant to be aroused by his two dogs whilst she was naked on the bed. The complainant expressed her disgruntlement about what was happening but the accused threatened to throw her out of the house empty handed. The accused also took nude photos of the complainant.

This happened on numerous occasions until September 2020. The accused threatened the complainant that if she failed to comply with his commands, he would leak her nude pictures on social media. He told the complainant that he was going to hire people to force her to vacate his house and also promised to take another woman who would comply with his orders. The complainant has a recording of the argument.

The accused later offered the complainant USD $60 000 so that she could move out of the house as he had found another woman. Devastated by the actions of the accused, the complainant filed a report at Highlands Police Station. She was sent to hospital for medical examination and treatment, leading to Ettlin’s arrest.  Magistrate Judith Taruvinga remanded Ettilin to November 30 on RTGS$15 000 bail.

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