May 21, 2024

Zinara disburses ZiG 93,9m for roads rehab

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Blessings Chidakwa
THE Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara), which disbursed $235 billion — equivalent to ZIG 93,9 million — to road authorities during the first quarter of 2024, will also avail two million litres of fuel to local authorities to assist them in the rehabilitation of roads under their jurisdictions.
Later this year, Zinara will conduct a road condition survey, which is a key administrative action that audits road conditions in Zimbabwe and provides vital planning and implementation information. As a way of speeding up road projects and cushioning contractors, Zinara has also sourced two million litres of fuel, with 38 percent having been used during the first quarter of this year.
In addition to the road works undertaken, Zinara has gone a step further to engage and equip road authorities with the requisite skills to manage their projects better.
In a statement, Zinara said the move from ZWL to ZiG is expected to give stability to disbursements and enable Road Authorities to implement their projects fully.
“A total of ZWL$235 billion (ZIG 93,952,017.31) was disbursed in the first quarter of 2024. The larger proportion of the disbursement constituted funding for routine road maintenance projects.
“This financing is disbursed to Road Authorities in advance of implementing their projects and the amount is processed based on the submitted acquittal of the previously issued routine maintenance funds,” reads the statement in part.
Zinara said a quality assurance sign-off for projects undertaken is also a prerequisite.
“These are processed against the submission of Interim Payment Certificates (IPCs). In some instances, no disbursements are recorded in the first quarter as a number of road authorities began the year implementing routine maintenance works with funds issued in the last quarter of 2023.
“As such project completion and acquittals would not have been completed within the first quarter. Meanwhile, in line with the capacitation pillar on our strategic agenda, ZINARA secured two million litres of fuel to support Road Authorities with their respective projects,” reads the report.

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