August 2, 2019

Air Force of Zimbabwe rescues a desperate situation

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Mukudzei Chingwere

Imagine a sick person being asked to travel over 40km to seek decent health care.

The Negove community of Mberengwa had to endure just such a situation before the intervention of the Air Force of Zimbabwe.

Prior to this intervention, Negove had a clinic which can best be described as a first aid facility for patients, and the nearest referral hospital was Msume, some 41km away.

But, the air force intervened and has completed the building of a state of the art medical facility which is set to be commissioned on August 6.

Chief Negove, born Timothy Moyo, was at a loss for words, thanking Government and the Air Force of Zimbabwe for the kind gesture.

Chief Negove

“I want to reservedly thank the government and the Air Force of Zimbabwe for building this clinic, addressing a long standing problem that has been affecting this community,” said Chief Negove.

“The community faced big challenges especially with mothers when they are giving birth, receiving healthcare was difficult and they travelled long distances.

“Soldiers and government saw the need for this facility and they have built a clinic which will cater for our community,” he said.

Sister in charge, Onnet Dube, highlighted their plight before the intervention of the Air Force of Zimbabwe and how the clinic will help the Negove community.

“We are very grateful to the Air Force for helping a dire situation and now we are working in a proper and conducive environment.

“Before we were using two rooms to do everything and there was no privacy for patients and it was difficult to administer decent health care for patients,” said Dube.

Sister In Charge Onnet Dube

The facility now boasts of female, maternity and male wards, a pharmacy, administration rooms, doctor’s consultation rooms, dispensaries and accommodation for staff.

Ms. Dube and a Physician seeing to some patients

At the moment the clinic has only two nurses and a nurse aid, but after next week’s official handover, it will be eligible to have its own resident Environmental Health Technician, as well as visiting Doctors.

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