October 18, 2019

Attend court sessions or else – MDC tells MPs

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Leroy Dzenga

ZIMBABWE’s opposition MDC-Alliance has promised to “deal with” legislators who belong to the party who are snubbing its court hearings.

MDC Deputy National Chairperson Job Sikhala told party supporters outside the Supreme Court on Friday that the party would take decisive action on members who miss sessions.

“Take note of MPs who are not here, there is only a handful, as you can see. What is lost on them is the outcome of this case might determine whether or not they continue being in parliament,” said Sikhala.

The MDC Alliance and its leaders have been embroiled in a series of court battles since their founder Morgan Tsvangirai’s death.

“All MPs who will not be attending court sessions here, should not be voted for in 2023,” Sikhala said.

The latest court case is pitting the MDC against its Gokwe member Elias Mashavira who successfullychallenged Nelson Chamisa’s ascendance to power in May this year.

The MDC then appealed to the Supreme Court, where proceedings are slow due to technicalities.

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