April 7, 2020

Beitbridge border post gets disinfected

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Thupeyo Muleya

Beitbridge Municipality has started spraying to disinfect the SADC’s busiest inland port of entry as it intensifies efforts to minimise the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of 14 000 people use Beitbridge border post on any normal day but due to a 21-day lockdown being effected in Zimbabwe only an average of 600 mainly commercial cargo drivers are using the border daily.

During peak periods more than 38 000 people , inclusive of departures and arrivals, pass through Beitbridge daily.

The local authority’s head of Environmental Health Services Pio Muchena revealed that they will also disinfect public places, markets places and business centres.

 He said they upped the fight against the pandemic after receiving nearly 1000 litres of hydrogen peroxide which were chemicals was donated a Zimbabwean company, Fossil Agro.

Muchena said Verbena Logistics had also facilitated the transportation of the chemicals from Harare to Beitbridge and in addition donated US$150 they used to procure protecting clothing for two of their workers.

It is believed that when properly mixed 16 litres of the solution can be used to disinfect 1000 square metres.

“We are targeting public areas and we have started with the border post where there is more pronounced human activity and it is one of our key points town,” said Muchena.

“Thereafter we will go to public areas including, business centres, public toilets, vegetable markets, government offices and public services buses, service vehicles and everywhere where there is high human activity.

“The chemicals we are spraying have has a residual effect of 24 hours and where there is too much human traffic we will be spraying daily while we will consider spraying after every two days in some areas”.

He said more resources were being mobilised from various players to strengthen their capacity on the ground.

There are an estimated more than 500 vendors in Beitbridge trading mostly at Dulivhadzimu, Siyaso 1 and 2, Mashakada, Ha Mbedzi, Ha Mangavha, O Jays, Shule- Shule, Mashavire and the CBD markets.

In addition, the local authority said it has doubled refuse collection programmes to keep a clean environment.

So far the town with over 70 000 residents has not yet recorded any covid19 positive cases.

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