February 6, 2024

Bosso executive in hand over take over

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Fungai Muderere

HIGHLANDERS executive members yesterday held a hand-over takeover ceremony at the club’s offices following elections on Sunday.

Outgoing chairman Johnfat Sibanda officially gave Kenneth Mhlophe the keys to lead the Bulawayo football giants.

Mhlophe reclaimed the chairmanship after garnering 165 votes to floor Sibanda who trailed in second position with 104 votes.

Nodumo Nyathi, who had social media ablaze with his campaign, amassed 87 votes.

Speaking on the sidelines of yesterday’s ceremony, Mhlophe said he was grateful to the entire Bosso family for granting him another term in office.

“I take this opportunity to accept the outcome of our election process and to thank everyone, who voted and participated in the various debates leading to the election at Highlanders. “Your participation and engagement in the democratic process is truly appreciated. To all the candidates who put themselves forward for leadership positions, I thank you for your dedication, bravery, and commitment to our beloved club. Your passion and willingness to serve is commendable,” said Mhlophe.

He added:” While Kindman, Morgen, and I emerged with the winning votes, this is just but like the selection of players from a squad into the match day starting 11.

“The real victory, achievement, and celebrations will come when we win games, partnerships, sponsorship, development, and greater institutional growth.

“It is important to remember that we are all part of the same team. It is the Highlanders that won. Now is the time to come together, put aside any differences, and work towards a common goal of building a better and bigger Bosso.”

In the race for the secretary-general, Morgen Dube got 173 votes, Nsikelelo Mafa Moyo came close at 114, with Rear-burn Ndebele got 69 votes.

Kindman Ndlovu was the most popular of the candidates as he got 230 votes to win the committee member’s post.

He beat Bhekumuzi “Mahii” Sibanda who had 125 votes.

Mhlophe acknowledged there was a huge task at hand.

“The work ahead is clear, enormous but by no means not insurmountable. What needs to be done and achieved is clear to all Bosso members, fans, partners, and stakeholders at large.

“The club’s strategic plan while needing review, encapsulates the key pillars that must be actively developed for purposes of sustainable growth and longevity of our club. This strategic vision must and will be tackled immediately, continuously, consistently, and with unrelenting ferocity.

“That our club must win on and off the field of play cannot be overstated, that we must use all the means available to us to regain our status as the lighthouse of our national football tapestry goes without debate that we have fallen behind by some miles versus our opponents and our desires is not questionable.

“The answer to our restriction, rejuvenation, and growth is in our own hands,” said Mhlophe who in 2021 lost by a paltry five votes in a tightly contested election after serving one term.

Mhlophe also called for unity in the black and white army.

“We must unite as one family, support our club wholeheartedly, shun any forms of permanent factional behaviour, and strive towards success both on and off the field as the gigantic fearful sporting monolithic that our forefathers created and bequeathed to us.

“Together, we can achieve greater things for Highlanders. I thank the outgoing members of the club who have served in the positions of chairman and committee member.

“I say to Johnfat Sibanda and Mgcini Mafu, siyalibonga ngezibongo zonke for sacrificing your time to serve our club. You are never going to be an average member, fan, or supporter anymore but esteemed members of the club’s body of leaders.

“I extend appreciation to your families who supported your volunteerism for the good of the club and ask them to remain supportive to you as we will borrow you from time to time,” said Mhlophe.



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