November 2, 2021

Brazilian drug peddler sentenced to 10 years behind bars.

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Patience Nhamburo

A 22-year-old man from Sao Paulo, Brazil who appeared before the Harare Magistrates court for allegedly smuggling 4.3kg of cocaine into Zimbabwe with an estimated street value of more than $36 million on the 7th of April has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by Harare Magistrate Ignatio Mhene.

Guilherme Sodre Alvenaz Da Silveria was arrested on landing at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport aboard an Ethiopian Airways flight. A team comprising of detectives from CID Drugs and Narcotics Harare, Canine Harare, CID Homicide Harare and CID Law and Order Harare, intercepted Da Silveria and conducted searches in his luggage leading to the seizure of a whitish powder that was wrapped in silver foil paper stashed in the lining of the accused’s black jacket.

Preliminary field tests were done on the powder and it tested positive to cocaine during the presence of Da Silveria, at the Robert Mugabe International Airport.

Da Silveria is the second Brazilian to be arrested in Zimbabwe for the same offence.

Karoline Silva Mafra, of Santa Catarina was also allegedly found in possession of 230 grams of cocaine worth $1 932 000.

While delivering the sentence, Magistrate Ignatio Mhene said the future of the youth and nation at large is at risk when hard drugs hit the streets. He also stated that the maximum sentence will give a warning to other international travellers that Zimbabwe has no tolerance to drugs. He said a maximum sentence with no years suspended will serve justice considering the seriousness of the matter.

The cocaine has been forfeited to the state for destruction.

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