October 9, 2019

Bread prices to go up?

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Ndaka Majaka

BREAD has disappeared from the shelves in Zimbabwe’s shops and supermarkets as bakers move to hike the price by 50 percent, from ZWL$10 to about ZWL$15, on the back of an increase in operating costs.

While Bakers Association of Zimbabwe chairman, Denis Wala, was locked in meetings when ZTN tried to get a comment from him, a snap survey around the capital showed empty bread shelves as bakers withheld the product.

This will worsen the plight of consumers who are already feeling the sting of an increase of fuel and power tariffs. Fuel prices went up this week, with diesel and petrol going up by 26 percent and 27 percent to ZWL$15.64 and ZWL$14.97 respectively and electricity tariffs going up by over 200 percent.

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