June 23, 2020

Brian Dzingai reminisces about Beijing Olympics

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ZTN Sports

Zimbabwe’s sprint legend Brian Dzingai has reminisced about an unforgettable 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony at the Bird’s Nest – China’s National Stadium.

Dzingai, who has turned to coaching to assist upcoming athletes, was awarded the honour of being Zimbabwe’s flag bearer on the opening ceremony.

In an interview with ZTN Dzingai went down memory lane explaining the circumstances that saw him getting the honour at the expense of poster girl Kirsty Coventry.

“The moment for me was rather (joyful) the first option was Kirsty to be flag bearer but unfortunately I think she had her first race the following morning, after the opening ceremony so she could not be a flag bearer, and I grudgingly became the flag bearer,” said Dzingai.

The flag bearer is like a team captain, with the honour of leading the country’s delegation of athletes in different sporting disciplines at the prestigious global event.

Each country designates one of its athletes to lead their parade, and the 39-year-old recalled what it meant to him.

“It was a great experience more so because it was about the people that have been part of my journey and understand where I have been to see me at such a stage, being the stage bearer for Zimbabwe.

“It was a celebration for them too because they knew and understood what it took for me to be there,” he said.

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