January 14, 2020

Bus crash claims a life in Masvingo

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One person died this morning after a South Africa bound Inter- Cape bus , with 67 passengers, was involved in an accident iin Masvingo, a town 300 kilometres south of Zimbabwe’s capital.

Police spokesperson for Masvingo province Chief Inspector Charity Mazula told ZTN that the driver of a black Toyota Hi-Lux turned into the oncoming bus and forced the bus driver to veer off the road.

The bus hit a tree on the side of the road and on impact one person was thrown out before being ran over by the bus.

The person believed to be a co-driver of the bus died on the spot.

There were no injuries.

“The bus was travelling along the Harare-Masvingo highway behind a black Toyota Hilux. The car signalled its intention to turn right but then turned left and the bus crashed into it,” said Chief inspector Mazula.

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