February 28, 2024

Businessman grilled over allegations against former colleague

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A Harare businessman was interrogated in court after he reported a case of theft of trust property against his former colleague.

James Landon dragged Ronald Nyandoro to court on theft of trust property allegations after he was given him a Toyota Landcruser vehicle together with its registration book, reportedly as a token of appreciation for helping him with consultancy work.

Landon alleges the vehicle was supposed to be returned at a later period.

Nyandoro, however, through his legal practitioner, Admire Rubaya, denied the allegations that he was entrusted with the alleged motor vehicle for him to use and later returned it to the complainant.

Nyandoro told the court that there was no trust agreement as alleged by Landon.

He argued that he was given the motor vehicle by the complainant as his payment for his consultancy services during the dispute that the complainant had with another businessman, Adam Woodington, which resulted in the complainant being arrested.

He said he assisted the complainant by carrying out various duties.

He claimed that he became the owner of the motor vehicle after being given it by the complainant sometime in November 2022 as payment for his consultancy fees.

Landon admitted that he did not pay Nyandoro when he travelled to South Africa on his business transactions when he was asked by the defense counsel.

Landon told court that he did not pay him assuming that he was just helping as his friend.

Rubaya said Nyandoro went on to sign agreements on behalf of him in South Africa while he was in remand prison and Landon confirmed.

Landon also failed to produce evidence that he had entrusted the vehicle to his former colleague.

Rubaya then told Landon that he reported the theft of trust property after their friendship turned sour.

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