March 4, 2020

Central Zimbabwe braces for flash floods

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Patience Nhamburo

Meteorological Services Department Chief Forecaster James Ngoma has advised residents in Central Zimbabwe to brace for flash floods.

Some areas in Zimbabwe are likely to experience flash floods as heavy rains which have been falling across Southern Africa are expected to escalate today (Wednesday). Areas in Central Zimbabwe may receive in excess of 50 millimeters in one day and in exceptional cases up to 100 mm in 24 hours.

“We are expecting heavy rains in most parts of Central Zimbabwe, and these rains are most likely to result in flash flooding. So we advise the residents to exercise extreme caution in these area and to also avoid taking cover under isolated trees as we are also getting reports of people dying from lightning,” he said.

The Department of Civil Protection has since availed $5 million Zimbabwean dollars to vulnerable areas to ensure speedy reaction in the event of serious flooding.

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