February 19, 2020

I want to share ideas with Mnangagwa: Chamisa

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Takudzwa Chihambakwe

Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, says he is not angling for a coalition government, but only wants to “share ideas” with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The MDC leader insisted on talks with President Mnangagwa outside of the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad).

He told journalists in the capital, Harare, on Wednesday: “My intention is not to be in a government of national unity. Forget and relax. I am not motivated or moved by power.

“We do not want power, it’s about the people. It is about the issues affecting Zimbabweans. We must work together to have a common solution not to share power but a vision, values and how to run elections.”

However, Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana said Chamisa could only share his ideas with the President under Polad.

Mangwana, who is Zimbabwe’s Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, said, “Government believes that the reform agenda needs the inclusion of all political stakeholders and the forum that has been put in place for that is Polad. This is where people discuss any issues that pertain to either reforms, government agenda or to economic and social issues.

“It’s incumbent upon all political players that are outside Polad to join in so that they can make their input and contribute to the reform agenda.”

Mangwana added, “Zimbabwe does not have a binary political system where there is one political party in Government and another which is the opposition. Our system is quite plural; so we recognise every political party that is there.

“All we are hearing now is that MDC can only come to discuss anything with Zanu-PF or President Mnangagwa when other people are excluded, making it a bilateral issue. No! We are including everyone.”

Chamisa has previously stated that he will not join Polad.

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