January 30, 2021

Chitungwiza wetland dwellers to be resettled

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Tinashe Mapuranga

Residents who live on wetlands in Zimbabwe’s Chitungwiza town will be relocated after floods damaged their homes on Friday.

The flash floods hit Manyame, Zengeza 4 and Units M, N, A and Z suburbs. Provincial emergency services visited the areas on Saturday alongside ministers Garwe (National Housing) and July Moyo (Local Government).

“These houses were built in areas that are not designated for human settlement,” said Minister Garwe.

“People were given lands irregularly and informally by land barons so now because of excessive rains, the wetlands are now flooded.”

He went on: “We have come to make an assessment and come up with a position in terms how people can be relocated and what Government needs to do to identify areas suitable for human settlements, identify open spaces within council areas so that we can come up with mobilisation of resources.”

Chitungwiza Town Council won a court order to demolish illegal properties, including houses on wetlands.

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