October 12, 2020

Harare City Council Workers Down Tools

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Patience Nhamburo

A grouping of workers’ unions in the Harare Municipality comprising Harare Municipal Workers Union (HMWU), Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers Union (ZUCWU), Water and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe (WAWUZ) and Zimbabwe Allied Municipalities Workers Union (ZAMWU), have downed tools, citing incapacitation on issues of salaries, that they requested to be paid in US dollars.

“As of Monday 12 October 2020, council employees will be incapacitated and will not be able to report for duty since their salaries fall short of the expenses that they incur for them to continue to report for duty until the employer meets their demands.

“We request the employer to protect our members since their failure to report for duty is not their fault but, cannot afford to do so. The employee demands a minimum wage which is linked to the Poverty Datum Line amounting to ZW$18 000, A US dollar salary to cushion employees from the dual pricing system”, said Mr Cosmas Bungu, Harare Municipal Workers Union Chairman.

In a notice to various stakeholders, council employees are demanding US$75, transport allowance US$30, housing allowance US$71.50, review of hygienic allowances and rates and water to be paid as per council going rates.

“We therefore, wish to give a fourteen days’ notice of intention to embark on a collective job action as currently employees are financially incapacitated to report for duty,” said Mr Bungu.

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