November 5, 2019

Civil servants demonstration imminent as talks with Government collapse

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ZIMBABWE’S Civil Servant Representatives say a demonstration to push for higher salaries is likely to go ahead tomorrow.  But their employer hopes the workers will not take to the streets.

This follows a deadlock in Tuesday’s talks on a possible salary increase.

Apex Council Secretary David Dzatsunga said Government was yet to accede to their demands.

“Government brought no offer. The demo will proceed as scheduled,” he said.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Dr Sekai Nzenza said she hoped the civil servants would shelve the protest.

“Is there going to be a protest? I hope it will not take place but they take into consideration what the government has put on the table,” said Dr Nzenza during a post-cabinet media briefing.

She said the Government had explained its position to its workers during a National Joint Negotiating Council meeting.

“Given the current national economy we are looking at the Presidential Input Scheme. We are also looking at increasing grain reserve, but we are still listening to the workers,” said Dr Nzenza.

She also said that payment of Government workers’ bonuses will be staggered in November and December.

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