January 10, 2020

Civil servants reject 97% salary increase offer

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Takudzwa Chihambakwe

In a development that could put Zimbabwe’s 2020 first schooling term opening in doubt, government workers in the Southern African country have rejected a 97 percent salary increment offer.

This offer was tabled during a meeting between workers’ representatives, the APEX council and government.

Apex council chairperson, Cecilia Alexander said the offer was too little.

“We have rejected government’s offer outright. It does not speak to the current economic climate as it does not take into consideration factors such as inflation.”

”We still stand by our position that our salaries should be indexed to the interbank exchange rate.”

Following the latest salary offer, the least paid civil servant will earn ZWL$2015 up from ZWL$1023.

A decision on whether teachers will return to work next week for the first term will be made at their meeting on Monday.

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