June 5, 2020

Civil servants want USD salaries

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Takudzwa Chihambakwe

Civil servants are increasingly getting restless with their representative body, the Apex Council, calling on Government to consider paying salaries in United States Dollars.

For some time now the civil servants have been pushing for their salaries to be pegged against the inter-bank rate.

However, on Friday Apex Council secretary David Dzatsunga told ZTN that they now want their salaries in USD.

“With the way inflation is spiraling, the only reasonable thing is for Government to fix the currency issue and it is time they should now be considering dollarizing this economy.

“As long as we get salary adjustments that are in local currency then we are in trouble. For things to make sense we need to get our salaries in US dollars,” he said.

Dzatsunga revealed that they have since written to their employer requesting for an emergency meeting.

“We wrote to Government and they have since responded saying they have received the letter. We are now waiting for the dates as to when we can meet,” he shared.

Meanwhile, Secretary for Finance, George Guvamatanga earlier this week told Parliamentarians that Government is aware of the need to adjust the salaries of its workers.

 “We are aware that their salaries have been eroded by inflation and a review is necessary,” said Guvamatanga.

“But we are looking at other options that are none monetary because we have noted that the market always chases the civil servant’s salaries. Once they hear they will be a salary adjustment, prices of basic commodities are inflated. So we are looking at ways to protect them from such situations which make the adjustments useless.”

Currently the least paid civil servant is taking home $ZWL2 500 a time one US dollar is fetching $ZWL 65 on the foreign exchange parallel market.

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