November 20, 2020

Civil Service Salaries: Mthuli, Mliswa Clash

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Taku Chihambakwe

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube, clashed with Norton National Assembly Member Temba Mliswa after the Treasury chief said Civil Service salaries are better than the private sector’s.

Mliswa, an outspoken character, interrupted Prof Ncube as he spoke at a pre-budget seminar in the capital, Harare, on Thursday.

The seminar is convened yearly prior to the announcement of the National Budget, and brings together all Members of Parliament.

Mliswa said, “We are Members of Parliament; we will not support that. I exonerate myself from sitting here and supporting those salaries. Let’s just move to other things.”     

Prof Ncube said the least-paid civil servant earns ZWL$14 000.

“Government is one of the top payers as an employer at the moment,” Prof Ncube said. “Teachers, for instance, are earning ZWL$19 000 whilst the lowest-paid Government worker is earning ZWL$14 000.”

He added: “If you compare this to what the private sector is paying; for instance, the air transportation sector is paying a minimum wage of ZWL$5 000. The cotton sector is paying ZWL$8 500 while the motor industry is at ZWL$5 150.”

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