May 26, 2021

Cool down says Shadaya

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Milton Sasa

Trending social media personality Shadaya, whose real name is Tawona Shadaya, says the furore surrounding his lunch date is unnecessary.

 A picture of Shadaya having lunch with a female companion at a fast food outlet was one of the top trending issues in Zimbabwe on Wednesday.

The comment section was blazing with some accusing him of failing to walk his flamboyant talk.

However, the often controversial social media influencer is perplexed by the hullabaloo.  

“Anyone who thinks that sharing a meal with a female in a restaurant is not being true to myself, never understood what the red pill is about,” he said.

Shadaya disclosed that the social media buzz has impacted negatively on his date.

“Would you not be affected by receiving hatred for no reason?  The irony of it (is) the very same people who accuse me of body shaming, are ok with it when it’s towards someone associated with me,” he said.

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