Cop Shot By Colleague During Raid

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Lloyd Ndemo

A police detective in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo province is battling for life in hospital after he was shot by a colleague during an operation.

Sergeant Admire Tichatonga Mupfururirwa was shot on the neck on Saturday morning during a raid on suspected copper cable thieves in Zaka district and is admitted to Musiso hospital in the district.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident and said investigations are underway.

“Yes l can confirm that a police detective was accidentally shot after a raid on suspected copper cable thieves in Jerera. The firearm accidentally discharged when the two police officers were helping each other to clear one of their firearms. Investigations are currently underway to ascertain what really transpired.”

According to police, sergeant Mupfururirwa was assisting a colleague to clear a jammed fire arm when it accidentally discharged and shot him.

A team of six detectives were reacting to a tip off that suspected copper cable thieves were vandalizing Telone cables at jerera GMB offices.

“After the raid the team then returned to the parked police vehicle where on arrival Detective Sergeant Mupfururirwa handed over the gun to Detective Constable Muchingamwa and instructed him to clear it. For a moment Detective Constable Muchingamwa appeared to be struggling to clear it whilst it was pointing downwards.

“Detective Sergeant Mupfururirwa drew closer in an endeavour to assist him. At that time Detective Constable Muchingamwa decided to clear it pointing upwards. The gun then accidentally discharged one round which shot Detective Sergeant Mupfururirwa on the left side of the neck. The round exited through the back of the neck, inflicting a gunshot wound.”

Assistant commissioner Paul Nyathi said no charges have been laid against the accused cop as they are still conducting investigations.