Cops arrested over beheading of suspect

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Lloyd Ndemo

Two police officers in Zimbabwe’s Beitbridge district allegedly beheaded a suspect, chopped off his limbs and stashed them under a bridge.

The torso is, however, missing.

Officers Xander Siyasayi and Daniel Peyani were arrested on Friday over the chilling murder, and are expected in court early next week.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena told ZTN News: “All the details have been forwarded directly to national police spokesperson (Assistant-Commissioner Paul Nyathi).” Asst-Comm Nyathi could not, however, immediately comment when we reached him.

Police sources told ZTN News that the pair picked the suspect, Blessing Nare, for questioning on December 27, 2020 following the disappearance of US$200-plus at a bottle store.

Nare was allegedly detained for two days.

His mother eventually reported him missing on January 4, 2021, prompting Officer-In-Charge (Zezani Police Station) Inspector Marisa to investigate.

A source said: “On January 5 2021, Inspector Marisa went to Swereki Police Base and was told that (the suspect) had escaped from custody and police details had failed to apprehend him.”

Another added: “It was discovered that no warned and cautioned statement was recorded as per standard operating procedure. There was also no official communication to the Officer-In-Charge regarding the report of unlawful entry and theft; and the suspect’s alleged escape from lawful custody.”

A search party stumbled upon Nare’s remains. “A member of the search party observed a foul smelling emanating from under the bridge. She checked and discovered a white sack.

“Criminal Investigation Department (Homicide) detectives attended the scene and found a head and limbs in the sack. The torso was missing. The suspect’s half burnt clothes were also recovered, suggesting his killers had tried to burn him.”