January 22, 2020

Corruption watchdog to launch graft reports

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ZTN Reporter

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) is set to launch two corruption reports tomorrow (Thursday) with results from the works anticipated to provide a breakthrough in the fight against corruption in Zimbabwe.

To be launched in the capital, the research was conducted in Bulawayo, Harare, Mutare, Nkayi, Gwanda and Masvingo.

The corruption watchdog said the two reports, which are the Gender and Corruption Barometer and the Corruption Impact Analysis on Tax Administration and Revenue Mobilisation in Zimbabwe, will unearth how corruption has affected already vulnerable women in Zimbabwe.

“With the Gender and Corruption Barometer, key findings are based on an in-depth understanding of women’s experiences of corruption and how this is intertwined with the complex challenges of gender-based violence across social, political, economic and cultural spaces in Zimbabwe.

In the past, TIZ has done work that has shown the disproportional impact of corruption on women and young girls in Zimbabwe.

“Through corruption, women face the high risk of being exposed to physical abuse, sexual extortion and exploitation,” TIZ said.

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