June 7, 2021

Cost of Living Rises in Zimbabwe

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Munashe Mukahlera

An urban family of six in Zimbabwe now has to dig deeper in its pockets for it to survive through the month. The consumer food basket for the month of May rose by 9.1%. From ZWL 35 877.92 in April to ZWL 39 141.98 at the end of May.

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe attributes the increase to inflation; influence of the exchange rate, speculation by consumers which is fueling demand and in exceptional cases the parallel market.

CCZ spokesperson, Christopher Tamba told ZTN News that the further relaxation of the lockdown regulations also resulted in an increase in movement of consumers, activities of the market place and change of consumer behaviour patterns emanating from the eroding of consumer buying power.

“These increases can be attributed to the imbalances which come with foreign exchange, between the auction system and the parallel market. The introduction of SI 172 of 2021 has also seen some service providers increasing their products,” he said.

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