Country Gospel Artist Celebrates Birthday In Style


Lloyd Ndemo

Zimbabwe music lovers are now spoilt for choice with the emergence of new gospel artist Jane Mhlanga bringing in new beats on the dance floor.

Growing up listening to reggae and country music, Jane says a seed of passion for the two genres was already geminating in her veins.

“I grew up listening to country and playing tagged music so it’s the kind of music and beats that l developed a passion for, as such l decided to create a fusion of the two genres to create a unique sound of my own while focusing on gospel and love songs,” she said.

With two albums on her belt, “Who am l” and “Jehovha Rindai,” Jane celebrated her golden jubilee birthday in style when she released a six track album on her birthday eve.

“I have released an album titled “Jehovah Rindai”, with 6 tracks. l thought of releasing the video of one of the songs just to coincide with my birthday.”

With a strong background in book writing and the cosmetics industry, Jane says she decided to venture into the music industry as a way of combining her talents and creating a legacy for herself.

” So far l have two manuscripts ready for editing so l will be publishing anytime soon,” said the soft spoken singer.

However with all her rich history and experience Jane decried the conduct of some of publishers whom she said rarely take other people’s projects seriously.

“The industry is very, very tough, you sometimes submit your work with editors to edit but they take forever to finish but at least l have found a firm that helps upcoming artists to self publish their work. Hopefully it will help others too,” she said.