October 21, 2020

Couple whips two-year-old child to death

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Lloyd Ndemo

A couple from mhangura, a town in northern Zimbabwe allegedly murdered their two-year-old daughter and buried her in a shallow grave along the Hunyani river bank. It is alleged that the father, Norest Masvosva, 30 assaulted the child to death using a wooden switch after accusing her of soiling herself. The case came to light last week after the child’s mother, Elizabeth Dinhidza reported her husband to the police following a domestic dispute.

The alleged murder occurred on August 30 when the couple had gone on a gold panning expedition along the Hunyani River. They were subsequently arrested following the expose’ by the woman last week.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest.

“We are conducting investigations and the two parents have been arrested and the body has since been exhumed. We want to find out the motive because the reasons being given are just unbelievable, that the child was killed for just messing up some pants, which is really disturbing.”

ZTN sought clarification as to whether this was not yet another ritual killing of an innocent child.

“As police we don’t want to speculate, let’s just wait for investigations to proceed,” Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said.

Recently a seven-year-old boy from Murewa was murdered in a suspected ritual killing. Some of his body parts are still missing and he is yet to be buried.

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