December 3, 2020

CPU wary of more mine collapses

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Lloyd Ndemo

Zimbabwe needs to fully mechanise its mining industry to avoid continuous loss of life, warns the Civil Protection Unit director Nathan Nkomo.

Over the past three months Nkomo and his team have led rescue missions at three collapsed mines and the CPU boss reckons more disasters are looming unless the mining sector is mechanised.

 “During this quarter we have witnessed three fatal accidents in the mining sector starting with Task Mine in Chegutu, Matshetshe Mine in Esigodini and now we are in Bindura at Ran Mine.

“We need to improve on our mining standards where possible, that is my opinion, the same way we have mechanized the agricultural sector is also the way we should mechanize the mining sector,” said Nkomo.

Rescue operations continue at Ran Mine where about 30 miners are believed to be still trapped. 

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