November 19, 2020

Damofalls Skull Search: The Details

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Lloyd Ndemo

An eventful day, plenty of leads and hundreds of curious onlookers but still no breakthrough. Police spent the greater part of Wednesday digging for clues – literally. Yet, the mystery of the murder of seven-year-old Tapiwa Makore and his missing skull remains unresolved.

The latest forage was at a house in Damofalls, a suburb on the outskirts of central Harare. Investigators had been tipped off that the boy’s body parts were stashed in a fowl run at the house owned by his uncle, Thanks Makore.

The search began with much promise; the investigators combing through the premises methodically. Crowds gathered. The detectives remained poised. Eyes trained on detail. And canines sniffed the yard. After hours on the hunt, it appeared the search would continue.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said, “The Zimbabwe Republic Police has not recovered any skull in relation to the late Tapiwa Makore’s murder investigations.”

However, police sources told ZTN that investigators gathered information linking the house owner to Tapiwa’s murder.

“As police, honestly, we can’t just come here to dig up one’s yard with no meaningful leads,” said a source.                                      

Another added: “There have been so many leads here and we are chasing all of them.”

Reinforcements from Ruwa Police were deployed as the crowd grew impatient.

Tapiwa Makore was allegedly mudered for ritual purposes in September 2020.                        

Police have so far picked five suspects in connection with the murder and the seven-year-old’s missing body parts.

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