June 15, 2022

Days At Ekasi

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Imagine the unique vibe of  “ghetto” living in Zimbabwe! Rawness and undiluted originality are associated with “ghetto/kasi” culture.

This culture is rich, diverse and multi-faceted; consisting of a mix of vastly different subcultures.

All this is harnessed on Zimbabwe’s premier television channel, ZTN Prime, on Days At Ekasi.

The show is hosted by the affable, creative, wild and witty musician Mzoe7.

“So, we created this show because a lot of interesting things happen in the ‘ghetto’,” Mzoe 7 says.

“There is always something or a story in all these different circles of activity and there’s no better way to tell the story than put it into picture.

“The ultimate goal is to show the world all this beauty while marketing the rich ‘ghetto’ culture and luring tourists to our nation.”

Set initially in Bulawayo, the show will expand to other high-density suburbs across Zimbabwe.

It captures moments that define day-to-day “kasi” experiences.

Each episode is a self-contained story with its own unique lead who accompanies Mzoe7 around.

Days At Ekasi stories are told from authentic settings etched in the collective memory of many Zimbabweans.

“Our young people are not ashamed to be loud and proud about where they come from their favourite delicacies to colourful fashion, different styles of music and original dance moves.

“Ekasi is where Zimbabwean urban culture is born. And to get a better picture and understanding of it all, as the show’s host, I will be engaging with different locals from each area to take a tour with me and explain in detail what happens in their ‘ghetto’ and what it means to their hood.

“Involving them will bring a better experience for both the community and viewers as it will be more natural and relatable.”




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