August 31, 2020

Debate on Zim schools opening rages on

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Kimberleigh Jiro

The opening of schools in Zimbabwe for the second term has been a subject for debate since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, with stakeholders in the education sector continuously haggling over the matter.

Pupils particularly those set to write their final examinations at the end of the year are most affected.

ZTN spoke to an upper sixth form student, Ashley Muchirawehondo who shared her anxiety as she prepares for the examinations, having learnt for only one term.

“As students we don’t know what to expect, we haven’t learnt much and we are worried about coming out with bad grades because of this. It’s really unfortunate for us who are sitting for exams in 2020 that we are stuck in this situation.”

Ministry of Primary and Secondary education spokesperson Taungana Ndoro told ZTN that the dates for schools opening are yet to be set.

Schools will reopen for examination candidates to sit for the November/December examinations.

Consultations on the exact date of reopening are still ongoing and will be announced once cabinet agrees on it.

So far schools are preparing for the reopening of examination classes to ensure that exams are held in a safe environment.

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