November 2, 2021

Deceased Boxer’s Family Speaks Out

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Tadious Manyepo

SHE can’t utter a word, loud enough to be picked by even the sharpest of microphones.

She is depressed. Beyond words. She has lost her voice apparently due to excessive weeping.

Her brother Taurai Zimunya, who died on Monday morning at Parirenyatwa Hospital due to injuries suffered in a boxing bout at the age of 23, was like a father-figure to her.

Tendai (17), the third born in a family of four to which Taurai was the second, is still to come to terms with her brother’s death.

Tendai Zimunya

The first born daughter Betty who is now married is standing right besides Tendai. Isiah (11), the last born has gone out, playing with friends.

Tendai last spoke to her brother when she met him along with his wife Tawonga at the bus stop.

The two were on their way to the boxing tournament in Borrowdale where Zimunya suffered the injuries he never recovered from.

He was facing-off against Tinashe Majoni of the Charles Manyuchi Academy stable in a bantamweight tussle.

“I last saw him on Sunday morning. We joked, as we usually do and laughed our lungs out. I wished him well and we hugged. I didn’t know that was to be the last time I was seeing my brother alive,”
she whispered.

“As a family we are pained by the manner in which he met his fate. Taurai was like a father-figure for all of us. He is the one who paid my school fees and I will miss him dearly.”

Zimunya’s mother, Nyevero was in Nyamapanda but he called her on Sunday around 10am.

“He reminded me that the fight which he had been talking of over the weeks was going ahead,” she said, sobbing.

“I was not home. He sounded ready although in the past week, I had expressed some reservations over his preparedness given that he had not been feeling well. But, he said he was 100 percent fit and I know my son loved his game and we wished him well.

“I was then shocked to receive a phone call from my daughter-in-law at around 11pm the same day.

She sounded very much worried. She just said Taurai is unconscious and we are at Parirenyatwa Hospital, please rush.

“I also became worried. I have been stabbed on the soft spot. Taurai was like a father figure. He was always there for the family in the absence of his father who is mostly in Marondera for church (Johane Masowe Nyenyedzi Nomwe) business.

“He was a dependable young man. He was 23 years old but the work he was doing, uniting the family was incredible.”

Nyevero Zaveni, Taurai’s mother-in-law said her son-in-law was a listening man and she never had any quarrel with her daughter for the two years they had been together.

Burial arrangements are yet to be officially communicated although preliminary indications are that he will be buried in Harare this Wednesday.

Taurai is survived by his wife Tawonga. Mourners are gathered at House Number 6611 in Dzivaresekwa Extension Phase 2.

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