February 18, 2020

Decibel raises the decibels with Uchi

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Makomborero Mutimukulu

Zimbabwean crooner Decibel has revealed that the response his latest single Uchi is getting has him all smitten.

“The response has been amazing. The fans are loving it. The most recurrent comment saying ‘we missed you. Hamupere (you are still in the game)’. Reconnecting with the fans has been great.

“It’s going even better than I expected. I’m getting hundreds of messages per day, comments on my links, fans sharing and singing praises. It’s a great feeling. Same as always. But the feeling never gets old,” said the United Kingdom based musician.

In the single Uchi, released on Valentine’s Day, Decibel brings to the fore how love can be so cosy yet so complicated.

And the musician, who shot to fame with the song Chido during the days when Urban Grooves ruled the roost, gave an insight into his honey making process.

“Well there is no great specific motivation different from all my other songs. Uchi is just social commentary as I have always done. This time I was addressing complicated love.

“Is it good, is it bad should we judge? If we were in the complicated position would we do any better. Unlike my other compositions this one was written with both the audio and visuals in mind and I think we managed to bring the ideas to life as I had envisioned at conception so I’m happy with how it turned out,” said Decibel.

With Uchi taking some of his fans down the path of nostalgia calls are growing for Decibel to come to Zimbabwe and stage a couple of shows.

So when can we expect Decibel in Zimbabwe and on stage?

“Coming to Zim will take some planning. It’s something I will probably do after album is finished and released,” he said.

The yet to be titled album is set for release in June!

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