June 14, 2021

Deputy Minister Loses R600 000 To Hackers

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Lloyd Ndemo

Zimbabwe’s youth, sport, arts and recreation deputy minister, Tinoda Machakaire lost 600 thousand rand after his bank account was hacked. The thieves also took control of his personal mobile phone line and blocked him and gave instructions to companies using the hacked mobile line.

Zimbabwe Republic Police national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he was yet to get the report.

It is alleged that at different intervals, the hackers used the minister’s mobile number to send instructions to his company, Tinmac Motors to make payments to accounts in South Africa and also instructed some of his fleet of trucks to take up commercial loads to various destinations around the country.

The deputy minister told ZTN that a team from his company has made a police report and they have
some leads on the suspects.

“Yes it’s true l lost 600 000 rands to criminals after they hacked my mobile line and used it to send instructions to my company instructing them to make payments to companies and accounts in South Africa,” said deputy minister Machakaire.

He further said that he has leads on who received the money and some pertinent information.

“l have the names and account numbers that were used to receive the money in south Africa.”

Machakaire is the Member of Parliament for Wedza South and has business interests in farming and logistics.

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