March 4, 2020

‘Dialogue brings peace and development’

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Anashe Murombedzi

The General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Dr Martin Junge on Wednesday met President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare to discuss various issues including Government’s efforts to create a platform for dialogue among different political actors.

Dr Junge also held a news conference to encourage and support the churches and people of Zimbabwe.

He said the LWF is in Zimbabwe to pray for the people and the churches of Zimbabwe in the wake of a drought situation affecting the country.

“We heard about the impact of the drought and what it means to the people and how hard it is for communities and families to find food because of lack of harvest”, he said.

Dr Junge also visited Bulawayo and met with churches, ecumenical partners, communities and national authorities. He said he and his team were overwhelmed by the strong call for peace and dialogue in the country by the youth and emphasized the importance of dialogue during hard times
in order to move the nation forward.

“I attended the church in Bulawayo. What we know from other parts of the world is dialogue is extremely important.

“Where there is dialogue there is peace, and where there is peace there is development”, he said.

LWF is a global communion of Christian churches of the Lutheran tradition. It was founded in 1947 in Lund, Sweden and has 148 member churches in 99 countries around the world.

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