July 15, 2019

Early closure for Cyclone Idai victims

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Nqobile Tshili

PERSONS who went missing during the Cyclone Idai disaster , which struck parts of Eastern Zimbabwe earlier this year, are set to be declared dead before the prescribed five years, a senior Government official has said.

Under the Southern African country’s laws, a person can only be declared dead after going missing for five years.

Zimbabwe’s Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo

Local Government Minister July Moyo revealed that they are aiming to bring closure to families who lost their loved ones.

“Fortunately, in the Civil Protection Act, the Minister is given powers to vary that period (the 5 years) because it’s too long. We are working on this and we are going to shorten the period from five years.”

Zimbabwe was hit by Cyclone Idai in March, which killed nearly 300 people and left close to 347 missing.

Meanwhile, the country’s department of Museums and Monuments is working with architects to design monuments for those who disappeared.

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