July 23, 2019

EcoCash, Zesa’s fresh victim

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Most Zimbabweans get home every day to find their homes in darkness as the 15-hour load shedding programme remains in full swing. 

Hard suffering Zimbabweans now have to face another challenge: Power cuts have invaded mobile network operators which has affected communications and mobile money transactions.

One of the country’s top mobile money platforms Ecocash, holds about 90% market share of all mobile money transactions.

Maintaining 8 800 base stations for 16 hours on diesel alone at an average of 20 litres per day, means the telecommunications sector is spending a minimum of ZWL$100 533 per day. Over a month the bill balloons to ZWL$3 015 936.00, now even higher with recent fuel price increases.

On The Mint we unpack the reasons why this happened and also its impact on business and the ordinary citizen!!!


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