May 20, 2024

Coal mine fined US$5 000 for EMA breach

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The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has slapped a mining company Beetee Syndicate with a US$5 000 fine for operating without an environmental impact assessment certificate, while mining for coal in Binga district.
Beetee was also slapped with a US$500 fine for improperly storing inflammable substances.
Permanent Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana said in a post on X that Beetee was extracting coal at Kalungwizi Coal Mine and was last week fined US$5 000 for mining without an environmental impact assessment certificate and another US$500 for storing fuel in plastic containers.
EMA also ordered Beetee Mining Syndicate to stop mining and concentrate on getting the EIA certificate first,” said Mr Mangwana.
Mining is listed in the first schedule of the Environmental Management Act as having the potential to cause environmental degradation hence miners must go through an environmental impact assessment before starting operations.
The assessment is a process which identifies the environmental impacts of a development and clearly outlines measures to mitigate the negative impacts, while the mine is being opened, during operation and when the mine is decommissioned.
The Environmental Management Act defines an environmental impact assessment as an evaluation of a project to determine its impact on the environment and human health and to set out the required environmental monitoring and management procedures and plans.
The EIA is thus a tool that enhances sustainable development where environmental, economic and social pillars are mainstreamed in the project in a balanced manner.

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