February 27, 2022

Energy Minister Grilled Over REA Tax Use

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Sharon Munjenjema

Legislators have grilled Energy and Power Development Minister Zhemu Soda over the use of the Rural Electrification Agency tax paid by electricity consumers in cities.

About six percent of the amount an electricity consumer in the city uses to buy electricity tokens goes to the Rural Electrification Agency.

Legislators demanded to know where the fund goes if people in rural areas are still required to pay as much as double the amount paid by those in cities for electricity connection.

Makoni Central Member of Parliament David Tekeshe raised the issue during a question and answer session in the national assembly.

“Every electricity consumer is being taxed whenever they buy tokens and that money goes to REA.

“We want to know what that money is used for if those in the rural areas still have to pay even double those in cities for electricity connection,” he said.

Energy and Power Development Minister Zhemu Soda’s response was that REA funds are used for different things in different provinces.

“Every province directs REA funds to what is urgent in that province and central government has no say on how the money is used,” he said.

The Minister was ordered by the house to present a comprehensive ministerial statement detailing how the tax is used, in order to actually respond to the legislators’ questions.

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