April 12, 2021

‘Every child has a right to Education’

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Tawanda Bote recently in Chikomba

An international charity organization says every child deserves to go to school to have a good future despite the fact that parents may be struggling to pay fees and buy other necessary things for use at school.

This was said by ROSA Care Organization Operations Director Melody Masiye during a ceremony to hand over nearly 10,000 books to 20 schools from Chikomba East, at Mongoro primary school on Thursday.

“It is every child’s right to learn and parents should support their children with all the necessary tools to make learning a lot easier.

‘’Education is important, that’s why we are donating these books, for them to be put into libraries so that they can be used by generations to come,” said Melody.

She said as ROSA they wish the area to have many children who are educated so that Chikomba can be a place to reckon with in Zimbabwe.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Mutengwa ST Mathias headmaster Shepherd Njeku, said the donation of the books was a good encouragement to students to have a culture of reading.

“This donation is an encouragement to our students so that they can have a culture of reading, and be someone in life when they grow up.

‘’We are very happy and hope to improve our pass rate because the children are empowered.

‘’I am also kindly pleading with ROSA to always come with these kind of donations. It helps a lot,” said Njeku.

The schools that received donations included, Chirasauta primary, Chivenga secondary, Mutengwa primary, Nhangamabwe primary and secondary and Chinyika primary.

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