Family of slain seven-year-old demands answers

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Lloyd Ndemo

The family of slain seven-year-old Zimbabwean Tapiwa Makore is seeking closure, almost two months after his burial.

Tapiwa was murdered in 2020 for suspected rituals, and the prime suspects are awaiting trial.

His remains were buried on March 27, 2021 with his head missing. The family rejected D.N.A test results which matched a skull recovered by police to Tapiwa’s.

The Makores want an independent D.N.A test on the skull, saying only then will they find closure. But money stands between them and their desired closure.

Family spokesperson and Tapiwa’s grandmother Beulah Musupayi told ZTN that the family is struggling to raise enough funds for the independent D.N.A analysis.

“We are still trying to raise the required US$4 500 for the DNA test to be done.

“As you are aware, generally things are not all that rosy for everyone and we are also struggling to raise the funds. So far, we have raised US$1 800 and we hope very soon we will make it.”

The seven-year-old’s murder evoked emotion and demands for justice among the Southern African country’s citizenry. He was allegedly lured from a family garden in Murewa by his uncle’s help. His alleged killer is said to have sedated him with alcohol and then murdered him at night, severing his body parts, including the head.

The boy’s uncle was allegedly involved in the gruesome killing.