November 29, 2019

Financial woes sting Hornets

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ZTN Sports Reporter

HARARE City Hornets’ dreams of taking part in the FIBA Africa Women Championship in Cairo, Egypt is up in smoke.

The Zimbabwean national women’s champions had been preparing for the continental dance but lack of funding choked life out of that mission.

“We really appreciate the support we have always received from our sponsors and fully understand their position on this issue.

“We still hope the girl child will be afforded another opportunity to participate and show the talent they have. We will still go out there and beat everyone else,” Harare City Hornets Chairperson Sunny Mbofana told ZTN.

When the tournament was initially supposed to be in South Africa, participation was confirmed.

But then the venue kept being switched from Madagascar to Zimbabwe and finally Egypt.

“On the other hand FIBA AFRO should do their homework well. It became so difficult and frustrating when it comes to planning. All this happened in a space of not more than 2 months,” added Mbofana.

“It’s demoralising to work so hard and break records as the Hornets ladies did to become national champions only to find out that it all amounts to nothing with regards to participation on the international arena but hope is not lost.”

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