February 4, 2020

Fire scare at Megawatt building

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Anashe Murombedzi

Part of a Harare building housing Zimbabwe’s electricity supply company, Megawatt building, was burnt this morning in an incident involving an electric kettle.

The fire almost razed down the ten story building. The Harare Fire Department was called in and managed to put out the fire before it caused much damage to the fifth floor of the Zesa Holdings owned building.

The Harare fire department’s assistant divisional officer, Philip Marufu spoke to ZTN on what transpired and how they managed to deal with the crisis.

“There was a small fire on the fifth floor which actuated the sprinkler system and the fire was immediately put out then we shut the sprinkler”.

Marufu said an electric kettle which had been left on overnight could have started the fire.

The incident comes barely a month after a shopping mall in the capital was gutted by fire.

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