July 17, 2021

‘Get vaccinated or risk dismissal’

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ZTN Correspondent

Zimbabwe’s Grain Marketing Board has given its employees up to the end of July to be vaccinated or face dismissal.
In an internal memo gleaned by ZTN, the utility said it closed operations at some depots after recording Covid-19 cases and is thus not taking chances.

Farmers across Zimbabwe are delivering grain to GMB depots necessitating expeditious inoculation.

Chief Executive Roki Mutenha said: “GMB has a staff complement of 3 569 employees including contracts. Of these, only 1 289 employees have been vaccinated, leaving a balance of 2 280. “Most GMB depots are in hotspots which is catastrophic as the unvaccinated 2 280 are coming to work everyday and mixing with other employees and farmers thus potentially endangering their own lives and the lives of other people.”

He added: “In view of all of that, all GMB workers must be vaccinated in order to protect the public that we serve. “All GMB workers must be vaccinated 31 July 2021.Those not vaccinated by that date should stop coming to work by 1st of August 2021 as they remain a threat to other employees and other stakeholders at GMB depots.”

Zimbabwe is facing its toughest spell since recording its first Covid-19 case in early 2020.

On Friday alone, 2 296 citizens tested positive and 103 deaths were recorded, the highest single-day figures so far.
More than one million Zimbabweans have received the first Covid-19 vaccination jab while over half a million have received the second.

Authorities in the Southern African nation have introduced lockdown to help curtail the spiraling cases. A countrywide vaccination programme is also underway with more and more citizens flooding inoculation centres daily. The huge numbers have been attributed to citizens becoming risk-conscious and employers issuing “stern encouragement”.

Covid-19 is mutating, assuming more devastating strains and variants. On Friday, the global death toll stood at four million-plus.

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