November 8, 2020

‘Ginimbi’ car crash: More details emerge

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ZTN Correspondent

Three other people died in the head-on collision that killed popular Zimbabwean businessman Genius Kadungure on Sunday morning. 

The accident occurred near Philadelphia suburb in the capital, Harare, as Kadungure headed home after a friend’s birthday party. 

It is believed “Ginimbi” was thrown out of his Roll Royce on impact, and the vehicle caught fire.                         

Witnesses say the other three, including the friend, Moana, were trapped inside as the car burned.   

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told ZTN: “Yes it’s confirmed. Genius Kadungure died this morning between 5am and 6 am when his car collided head-on with another car along Borrowadale Road near Philadelphia.

He died on the spot.”He added, “Three other occupants also died on the spot, meaning to say this accident killed four people.”

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