November 9, 2020

Ginimbi’s final wishes revealed

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ZTN Correspondent

Popular Zimbabwean businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure wanted his funeral to be a celebration that lasts several days.

Kadungure’s sister, Juliet, told ZTN on Monday: “The reason why the funeral is dragging is because Genius told us that he didn’t want to be buried in a hurry. 

“He instructed us to take our time.  He wanted his friends who stay abroad to travel freely.”

Juliet said the funeral will begin on Thursday, with burial slated for Saturday.

She added, “The only challenge is that Genius’ place is too small to accommodate all mourners.”

Kadungure died in a car crash on Sunday alongside three friends, among them another popular figure, Moana.

His Rolls Royce collided head-on with a Honda Fit vehicle as the four headed to Kadungure’s palatial home after Moana’s birthday party.

Lucky Chikwanda, the Honda Fit driver, relives the crash.

“I saw two on-coming vehicles in front of Genius. He tried to overtake both vehicles in one swoop.

“He was in my lane and it was too late for him to apply the brakes. My friend with whom l was travelling alerted me of the impending danger.

“l heard a loud sound. l could have died, but the seatbelt saved me.”  

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