March 18, 2022

‘Girl Education Improves in Mashonaland Central’

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Tawanda Bote

The Farming Community Educational Trust says education for the girl child in Mashonaland Central province has improved in recent years.

The Trust’s claim is based on a survey they have conducted in that province as part of their girl’s education advocacy programme.

Speaking at the Boundary Partners Orientation meeting in Harare on Wednesday, programmes coordinator Respect Tsvanhu however said more can be done to improve the situation for the girl child.

“As Farming Community Educational Trust we have been going round Mashonaland Central province
educating the girl child on the importance of continuing with their education once they reach Grade Seven,” she said.

“We also included parents, traditional leaders that include chiefs, headmen and village heads in campaigns to enlighten the girl child on the importance of continuing with their education”.

There are growing concerns in Zimbabwe’s remote areas that the girl child is overlooked compared to boys when it comes to education.

Over the years, government has adopted deliberate policies to ensure there is equality, but traditions often hamper such efforts.

“We have over the years noticed that girls in rural areas are married at a young age or they stop going to
school once they attain Grade Seven.

‘’So during our advocacy programmes we teach them about a lot of things that include finishing their education, not to get married whilst they are young, hygiene issues, that include bathing and menstrual
issues,“ Tsvanhu added.

‘’Over the past years they have been doing these advocacy programmes the number of girls that has gone on to attain secondary education has increased, because of the education that we give them,” she said.

The event was also attended by the trust’s partners that include Girls Education Advocacy in the Region,
Education Coalition of Zimbabwe, CARE and FAWEZ among others.

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